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Accounting System


Jeanine can design an accounting chart of accounts (the index to your accounting system) in a QuickBooks online product or a desktop product with your industry and ownership type customized for your unique needs.  This provides meaningful information for your financial statements (reports) when we review the progress of your business each month.  We recommend that you consult with us at least for a 15-minute telephone conversation to review your results of operations and to ask questions to better manage your business(es) or entity(ies).  This monthly conference consulting is included in the service contracts of full-service clients who engage us for monthly accounting, worker management, and tax compliance engagements.  It is also included in the service contracts of project clients.  Other clients may obtain a 15-minute evaluation of service needs and additional consulting on an hourly basis.

It is recommended that business owners schedule an included 15-minute telephone appointment three weeks after a month ends, to ensure that the bank has sent all of the transactions for a period and that Jeanine has time to code the transactions for the appropriate financial statements.  The profit & loss statement (P & L) will tell you the net results of your operations for a period.  The balance sheet (BS) will tell you your financial status on a specific date.  Other supplemental items that we can review might include a cash flow statement (CFS), your payroll summary (PS), owner distributions, accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed assets, and other items of interest.  Bank statement reconciliations are important for owners to complete each month, and Jeanine will teach clients how to use the software account reconciliation tool to keep on top of your assets and net worth.

Should you choose to engage our corporation for your monthly annual services or your project services, then Jeanine, our other employees, and our network of contractors and vendors, will provide for your business/entity financial services.  You may obtain help with accounting set-up, accounting management, payroll/contractors, tax compliance, and/or consulting.  Please make appointments via the    page to confirm a calendar place to evaluate your service needs, or other consulting if an existing client.  You should message Jeanine at 303-900-7265 or 616-430-5231  (voicemail), 303-900-7265 (text), or (e-mail) should you need assistance with the automated appointment scheduler or not find a suitable opening for an appointment.  Jeanine will be glad to assist you during regular business hours of Tuesdays through Fridays from 11a to 7p, but please leave your name, entity, and contact information with all messages.  All messages go to the corporate virtual office at 303-900-7265,, and our corporate administration office at 10343 Federal Blvd, Unit J, Westminster, CO  80260

It is important to note that we are 100% virtual with all services and appointments delivered online or remotely through our secure file exchange.  Any face-to-face services or appointments needed by monthly annual clients or project clients, occur by appointment or contract agreement:

-client location(s);

-the seasonal tax office;

-designated meet-up sites listed on this website;

-other mutually agreeable meet-up sites when working in Michigan or business trip locations.

Please let us know when we may be of service to you.  Jeanine will be glad to evaluate your needs and concerns.  An engagement proposal including pricing will follow your 15-minute telephone appointment if requested and mutually agreeable.  Thank you for visiting this page and we invite you to explore other pages of the website. 

Please bring your financial and payroll reports, entity and personal reports, and registration documents for the initial consultation.  Once I assess your documents and expressed needs, then you will upload your documents to your new secure cloud folder.  I can prepare a services proposal based on our telephone interview (15 miutes) and the documents that you upload on my encrpyted file exchange to your private cloud folder for my review.  You will be offered a subsequent proposed services contract (engagement letter) if you requested this during our telephone interview.

Please allow three to five business days for review of your records and our interview.  I will prepare a proposed services contract and send it to printing.  You will be informed when the engagement letter has been uploaded to your cloud folder.  The engagement pages showing your payment plan selection and signature must be completed and uploaded back to us so that I may start working on your services.  

If you do not accept the proposed services contract (engagement letter), then it will not be activated.  You may edit the propsal with my assistance and approval for reprinting.



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