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July 18 - August 31 2021

Dear Clients:

We are taking our summer vacation from August 22, 2021 through September 7.  We are trying to get the final extended income tax returns for 2019 and 2020 done prior to this break.  Payrolls will continue to be run on schedule even when we are gone.  The normal out-of-state conferences are remote through the end of the summer, but the virtual meetings mean that I am sometimes double and tripple booked through August 21, so please schedule your appointments includling telephone calls whenever possible.  General messages can take up to several days for me to see and respond to, although I will do my best to get back to you within two business days.  

Don't forget about the "Free recorded workshop helps small business owners understand their tax obligations" with information found on the page.  Check out the new resource page at,  July Newsletter at, and the new July business newsletter at

Thank you to those of you who have already paid the annual net client share of Intuit's small price increase for clients effective September 1, 2021.  With me paying the percentage discount of each client, most clients will pay no more than $30 more total for the 2021 tax year.  Intuit's costs increased beyond our control, so of course they are passing the small increase onto the clients and onto the pro advisors such as me.  Hopefully this will not inconvenience us too much and I DO APPRECIATE your payment of the small increase on your upcoming invoices.

We have NO current openings for new "income tax only" clients and are giving referrals to bigger offices that still have such openings available.  There are no long-term project contracts available as our schedule is filled with "full-service" client work and "income tax extensions" at this time.  Our schedule is full with extended 2019 and 2020 income tax returns, and full-service accounting and payroll engagements. 

The only openings between now and the end of this tax year are for full-service (three or more annual services engagements).  We are aiming to add three to six more client companies by December 20th before we break for the holidays, in order to maintain the current level or better of client services for 2022.  Please consider recommending me at and recommending my website at to help me provide current or better services for you.  

There will be renewal offers for current full-service clients between October and December for the 2022 tax year, with the best pricing for the earliest accepted offers.  Seasonal clients are offered vendor/contractor discounts from October to December for the tax year at hand but must accept before the tax year ends; otherwise they can pay full pricing with the next year’s pricing after the tax year at hand ends.  During the times that you are considering your next year services options, I will be glad to discuss any potential changes including services, products, vendors, and any referrals needed with you.  It is important that your upcoming needs be addressed annually so that your unique service requirements are arranged in advance of the upcoming new year.  It is important to your businesses and you, that services be continuous and not disrupted, and that any needed transitions be planned to allow as smooth of an experience as possible. 

New brochures are posted on the company website and on Jeanine's LI profile.  There will be a few physical copies brochures available for potential clients if any of you are interested in our referral program at  Calvin and I have mailed the new business cards out to current clients and colleagues.  Let me know if you did not get the mailing and I will get it right out to you. 

Upcoming local community events include:

Jeffco Library Summer Challenge - June 1-July 31 (Member Event!)
Fill A Backpack - June 21-July 30 (Member Event!)

View Event Calendar & RSVP Online

Please let me know if there are any events in your communities that you would like to see posted. 

I recently reorganized the website with the following changes and would love for you to check them out:

--- our Announcements and News section was consolidated with a new RBSI Business Newsletter added;

--- our logo was updated to better reflect the unique services of our firm for commercial entities and business owners as follows;

Westminster, CO based virtual business services provider Remote Business Solutions, Inc. | Local Tax Updates Page | Remote Business Solutions, Inc.

--- our award as one of the top nine accounting firms in Westminster, Colorado was added to the home page as follows;

We're in the Top 9!


We scored 32 Accountants in Westminster, CO and Picked the Top 9

--- we added drop-down instructions to the page so that clients know how to mention us on social media;

--- we added a link so that you may recommend my website;

--- we added Feedback Please forms in various parts of the website so that you can tell us about your experiences, concerns, and

    questions at our business meetings, classes, and appointments. 

I am optimistic that the recent re-design changes will be helpful to you in utilizing the site tools and finding the information 

that you need.  

Please review our client reviews at http://What Others Say View Our Client Reviews and consider recommending and/or

Remote Business Solutions, Inc.  Your referrals on social media are the BEST way to help me offer more and improved 

services for businesses and owners.  You may also offer to be on my references list when potential new clients want to know about my services to companies and what I do to help your businesses and yourselves.  I really appreciate your recommendations, references, and referrals.  Thank you.

The link provides useful information for

your summer travels regarding Covid precautions and requirements.  APPOINTMENTS AND EITHER FULL-VACCINATIONS OR MASKS ARE REQUESTED of clients visiting our locations, in order to protect everyone's health situations and personal concerns.  Thank you in advance for respecing each other while we navigate through the pandemic.

 We communicate news primarily through e-mails and e-news so please make sure you have signed  up for e-news services and an encrypted cloud account if not already added to the e-news list by me .  Signups may be done at: and if not already done so.  You may log into your existing secure client portal at for security and to protect privacy of confidential information.  Only you can reactivate your e-news subscriptions and re-apply for an encrypted cloud folder if you cancelled services with us.  Only you know your password for the secure cloud account, but you may re-set your password by scrolling to the bottom of the home page of our website to log in.

Go to to see the recent information on the development of our downtown Westminster; there is a video there about what it will look like as it is completed.  It is located just a walk across the bridge near our Yates Drive Office location!  Very exciting. 

Please consider giving to the http://CO Fallen Heroes Foundation T-Shirt Fundraiser learn more. to support the surviving families of officers killed in the line of duty.  The recent Boulder, CO and Arvada, CO fatal shootings of officers happenend very close to our Westminster, CO and Lafayette, CO office locations.  The may be donated to if you want to help the recent shooting victims' families of Boulder, CO and and Arvada, CO.  The victims and families of victims in the recent Florida apartment high rise collapse may be supported through the disaster relief program.  If you are asked to donate to a charity to help disaster victims and their families, and are not familiar with the charity, do not commit to donations without first visiting the website or local better business bureau or local chamber of commerce to verify that the askers are a valid charity.


#IRSTaxTip: Making payments for deferred tax reported by third party payers:

#IRSTaxTip: Employers should choose their payroll service provider carefully to

protect against fraud:

#IRSTaxTip:A tip for teachers: Some educator expenses may be tax deductible.


Do stay safe and healthy. 

Sincerely yours,


Jeanine Buben (Buben-Croy), MT, EA

Digital Accounting Manager / Senior Tax Analyst

Enrolled Agent (EA) federally licensed by the US Department of the Treasury

Westminster, CO based virtual business services provider Remote Business Solutions, Inc. | Local Tax Updates Page | Remote Business Solutions, Inc.

Remote Business Solutions, Inc.

303-900-7265 (Offices, Voicemails)

616-430-5231 (Cell), 303-432-2455 (Faxes) (Emails) (Scheduling) (Tax Meetings)

City of Westminster Quarterly Tax Return Filing Reminder
Per your request, we are writing to remind you that the following tax return for the city of Westminster, Colorado will soon be due:
Reporting Period: April - June 2021
Due Date: July 20, 2021
Returns (and payments, if any) must be postmarked on or before the due date above to avoid penalties and interest for late filing. A return is required even if no tax is due.
Sales and use tax returns can be filed online using the city’s F.A.S.T. Filing system. If taxes are due, the system will require your bank routing and account number or credit/debit card information. Payment will be drawn from your account one business day following the due date.
Blank forms in PDF and Excel format can be obtained in the Westminster Tax Forms section of the city’s website. Be sure to include the business name, Westminster tax account number, reporting period, and due date on the return.
If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact the Sales Tax Division with your account number at (303) 658-2065, or by e-mail.
Download a PDF form that can be completed, printed, and mailed to the Sales Tax Division.
If you have closed this account, changed your reporting frequency, or you no longer wish to receive filing reminders, use the unsubscribe features below.
F.A.S.T. File Your Taxes

HELPFUL 2021 Income Tax Season Links

One way people can get the new tax year off to a good start is by checking their federal income tax withholding. They can do this using the Tax Withholding Estimator on  All taxpayers can use the results from the Tax Withholding Estimator to determine if they should:

•  Complete a new Form W-4Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate and submit it to their employer.
•  Complete a new Form W-4PWithholding Certificate for Pension or Annuity Payments and submit it to their payer.
•  Make an additional or estimated tax payment to the IRS.


8) Thanksgiving Break Day (11/25/2021)

9) Thanksgiving Break Day (11/26/2021)

10) Winter Holidays Break Day (12/22/2021)

11) Winter Holidays Break Day (12/25/2021)

12) Winter Holidays Break Day (12/26/2021)

13) Winter Holidays Break Day (12/27/2021)

14) Winter Holidays Break Day (12/28/2021)

*Family Visit                           Jan 2 - Jan 6 2022

 *The company continues to run payrolls and process accounting for our full-service clients.  You can "book" your virtual appointments on the automated scheduler on the Appointments page of the website.

*Support staff in our network will be available for full service clients.

New Business Hours and

Appointments Still Required for Priority

As usual the e-filing system will shut down around Thanksgiving.  We are normally shut down for holidays shown at and update our financial systems in January while the IRS e-filing is shut down and Congress gives us their final law changes for the tax software.  

Private RBSI clients please schedule your telephone appointments, so that I can call you at scheduled times.  Urgent messages with an "emergency or urgent issue" heading in the subject line should be e-mailed to or texted.  Full-service accounting and payroll clients continue to be serviced according to your engagement arrangements.  Please make a telephone appointment to discuss your concerns and questions as needed.  Openings are available at and at for accounting, payroll, and administrative matters.

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