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Hourly clients must pre-pay either via our PayPal link or via QuickBooks e-bill sent to their e-mail boxes.  Please e-mail Jeanine at regarding e-bill requests or payment assistance questions.        30 minute consultation  $55 charge       45 minute consultation  $125 charge           1 hour consultation      $150 charge          2 hour consultation      $300 charge          4 hour consult/project  $600 charge   consult/project customized:         8 hour consult/project                                                                                                                  $1,200 charge            1 - 1+ weeks project                                                                                                    Get evaluation & offer          1 - 1+ months project                                                                                                    Get evaluation & offer             12 months package                                                                                                   Get evaluation & offer'


Jeanine's Time Trade Calendars of openings will populate (IN MOUNTAIN TIME) so that you may click on the opening you want.  (Customized time frames require e-mailing the scheduling department for evaluation and offer.)  Complete the required information on the form and hit the submit button when finished.  You will receive a confirmation once complete and an e-mail notification will go to your e-mail box.  Jeanine will be informed of your appointment and will call you at the phone number you provide at the scheduled time unless other arrangements have been made.  Multiple attendee meetings may be done via video-conference if needed, and appropriate link or call-in number will be provided prior to the scheduled meeting.  

*All appointments and services are provided remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic, and we are temporarily not traveling to client sites.  Any required payment must be pre-paid through our Intuit QuickBooks Billing e-bill system (currently engaged clients) or our PayPal sytem (one-time consulting client) before your appointment begins: page.  Clients under current engagement will receive the same pricing benefits as are in their annual contracts if they add consulting services within the engagement period of service.  

New and potential clients should select the free 15-minute phone call to receive an evaluation and follow-up engagement proposal with pricing options, or referrals if appropriate.  Current clients should schedule a monthly 15-minute check-up appointment to review their financial reports and bank reconcilliations with their accountant.  Other consulting requires pre-payment for meetings of selected hourly unit length. 

The annual income tax interviews (call seminars) are free of charge and are posted on the registration center.  They include an evaluation of specific taxpayer requirements and information about tax law updates and seasonal protocols.   An e-mailed engagement offer if not already contracted, or a referral, will follow the meeting within three business days.  Holidays and company personal days off do not count as business days.

Thank you for your business.  We appreciate your trust in our online accounting and Enrolled Agent services.  Please call our offices at 303-900-7265 if you need assistance using the automated schedular.  Jeanine will call you back within 48 hours to provide help as needed.  

Directions to Yates Drive Office
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All appointments and services are currently virtual unless arranged as in-person.  A LIMITED number of in-person appointments may be scheduled for the Yates Drive Office, the East Chester Street Office, and Meet-Up Sites shown on the website under the "Virtual Offices Open" drop down menu.
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Clients should register for their private cloud account during onboarding. 
Make a payment quickly and securely using our online payment system.  Existing clients are set up for e-billing.  We no longer accept checks, money orders, or cash.  All payments are now paperless via PayPal or IntuitE-Billing systems.
Directions to Chester Street Office (  All appointments and services are currently virtual unless arranged as in-person.

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