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Class Policies

We are pleased to announce our new line-up of

business education classes:  Classroom

All classes will be held remotely or in the classrooms (Suite 200 or Suite 220) of our corporate office unless posted otherwise:

Remote Business Solutions, Inc.

8753 Yates Drive

Westmisnter, CO  80031

The class description and participant confirmation email will inform you of the medium and/or location of your class(es).  Please call Jeanine at the office at 303-619-8900 or 616-430-5231 or e-mail to for questions, directions, or concerns about the classes.  Jeanine may be personally emailed at as well.

Payment for classes are due in full by one week prior to the start of each class.  This is because we need to arrange room rent, speaker fees, and materials printing fees in advance.

Please go to the "Payments" tab of our website to see acceptable payment methods.

Refunds are not issued for a class after one week prior to the start date unless the class is canceled or an unexpected illness, accident, or casualty prevents you from attending two or more classes prior to the end of the sessions so that a partial refund or account credit is approved by our corporation.  This refund policy exists in fairness to the other participants who may have counted on your enrollment in order to receive the group rates as opposed to private business consulting hourly rates.

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