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Client Project Reviews - Payments - Discounts

Reviews are uploaded to client cloud folders when ready for clients to sign and date, however, reviews may be held if clients have not paid their final annual services fees to our company.  Also, per company policy and your engagement letters, clients must have their items to us by ten business days prior to the filing due date or by ten business days prior to when review and signing of tax returns, financial reports completion, or other projects.  Payroll and/or contractor payment data must be uploaded to us by three days prior to scheduled or desired payment date(s).  If you do not abide by our requirements, which are necessary for us to adequately prepare and check over prior to your review, then you are NOT guaranteed that your tax returns, payrolls, financials, or other work products will be ready for review and signing on time. 

Bills are now sent via e-pay from our Intuit QuickBooks Billing Department.  You may pay them with either direct transfer or credit card. 

Tax returns are coded for e-filing and are e-filed upon client completion of the signature forms with date of signing.  The small number of clients required to paper-file tax returns will receive a preparer signed copy of the federal return and any state/local returns requiring this signature and date.  The clients must sign and date as taxpayers, officers, and/or spouses where required.  Clients are responsible for downloading the paper-copy of the return(s), confirming that all required signatures and dates are on the folder, and mailing the returns.  We always recommend sending paper-filed returns through the US Postal system with certify mail and return receipt requested.  Checking confirmations in e-mail boxes and keeping a copy of e-mailed confirmations are often forgotten.  Copies of tax returns are always provided in client cloud folders but we recommend downloading copies to client desktops or off-sight flash drives or hard drives as well. 

Clients are responsible for paying their own estimated or final taxes due unless we have been contracted to do so as your agent.  We are not responsible for your late tax payment or failure to pay taxes penalties unless we were contracted to pay these liabilities out of your direct deposit account(s) with specific agency agreement in force.  Full service payroll clients sign agency agreements allowing us to calculate and e-file payroll tax  es due.  Client paid income taxes or sales taxes may be paid electronically to the taxing authorities, and occasionally by mail via coupons and checks.  We recommend that any tax returns or tax payments mailed be sent certify mail with return receipt requested.  Please do not confuse due dates for filing tax returns with due dates for paying estimated taxes due or final taxes due.  These are separate compliance obligations and separate penalties and interest are applied to taxpayers who miss their due dates or avoid them.  Also, tax planning is acceptable and wise, but tax evasion is a crime.

We do not deliver or e-file tax returns, nor do we confirm final financial statements, for clients until the client has:

1) Reviewed our work product and submitted final edits.

2) Signed required forms and/or permissions.

3) Submitted final payment on account for work at hand or made other contractual payment arrangements.

Each year is contracted for separately and includes a continued client discount if you are continuing with us.  The amount of your annual discount is higher if you contract earlier in the year at hand than if you contract later in the year or after the year has ended.  Your round monthly clients get their discounts monthly by paying on or before the first of the month. 

The reason for the earlier payment discounts is that vendors and contractors raise their prices and charge interest and penalties for us not paying them by May 1 of the current year.  We cannot therefore offer you the same discount eight months later for savings to us if you have not allowed us to get those savings when available.  So the "bottom line" is this:  you can pay earlier or later for your income tax preparation and/or other services, but you will pay higher fees for your services if you wait and/or procrastinate.  The choice is yours.

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