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Dear Clients and Potential Clients

Thank you for your interest in the services of Jeanine Buben-Croy Buben, MT, EA and her network at Remote Business Solutions, Inc.  Jeanine is now partnering in her network with Finer Points Accounting and Taxation, Inc., Drake Tax Services, Intuit QuickBooks Accounting and Payroll, Misteren Graphics LLC, Robert Half Legal and Finance, Robert Half AccounTemps, and Kelly Services Legal and Financial.  We appreciate your business and look forward to helping you with your accounting, payroll, tax compliance, and busines consulting needs. 

By partnering in a network of professionals, our commercial clients and business owners get the benefit of workers (employees, contractors, vendors) in a variety of specialties of accounting, law, and technology on a customized, as needed basis.  Jeanine helps clients determine their specific needs and preferences, then sets up the remote accounting contract with relevant services and providers to customize the client engagements for your commercial client and business owner needs.  You may choose to add full-service management of your online accounting system or a one-time coordination of a project.  If Jeanine manages your communications and services, then you will get monthly or project assistance on your behalf, and Jeanine will coordinate and communicate with the workers to get your services delivered.  The clients will have an encrypted cloud account where documents may be exchanged on our secure file exchange.  We encourage current clientes to sign up for their secure cloud account and their e-news account as early as possible.

If you are a new client, please schedule an onboarding telephone meeting with Jeanine at or selecting the free 15-minute phone call option.  We will go over what is needed to get started.  Those inquiring about services and fees, please leave your name, business name, email, cell number, and details about what kind of services you need at my email.  The details are necessary in order to provide a meaningful quote with pricing options.

Thank you again for your services contract or inquiry.  Stay safe and healthy now.

Sincerely yours

Jeanine Buben-Croy Buben, MT, EA for Remote Business Solutions, Inc.     303-619-8900     616-430-5231

We communicate news primarily through e-mails and e-news so please make sure you have signed up for e-news services and an encrypted cloud account if you are a new client not already added to the e-news list by me.  Signups may be done at: and if not already done so.  You may log into your existing secure client portal at for security and to protect privacy of confidential information.  Only you can reactivate your e-news subscriptions and re-apply for an encrypted cloud folder if you cancelled services with us.  Only you know your password for the secure cloud account, but you may re-set your password by scrolling to the bottom of the home page of our website to log in.

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