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For many professionals, time is money--and attorneys are no exception. Whether you operate as a solo practitioner or are a member of a partnership-based law firm, chances are good that you simply don’t have time to handle the tax and accounting aspects of your practice and keep your practice running smoothly.  There is also a need for tax compliance specialist to assist with tax law practice areas of your firm or department.

"A tax paralegal is someone who works on tax law matters under the supervision of licensed attorneys in a law-related setting or law office. Tax paralegals do not practice law, as they are not licensed attorneys, but they help in many aspects of tax law matters, including helping prepare memos for clients on federal and state tax laws and rules. Tax paralegals are sometimes called tax legal assistants."

The good news is that Jeanine is here to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Jeanine and her dedicated and experienced network of accountant contractors/vendors specialize in tax and accounting services.  Jeanine is educated and experienced in tax law and paralegal areas for law firms and lawyers.  She is a federally licensed Enrolled Agent (US Department of the Treasury), an accountant, financial analyst (tax analyst), and a paralegal.  Jeanine offers a range of accounting services for established firms and business start-ups, as well as, a range of tax law assistance services for tax law firms and departments.

Jeanine's outsourced CFO services and outsourced online accounting software management services include reviewing your firm’s accounting processes, streamlining your accounting systems to manage your cash flow better, implementing tax planning strategies that minimize your firm’s tax liability, and evaluating your financial statements--all of which enable you to make smart business decisions that increase your bottom line.  

Jeanine's outsourced tax analyst serviced include local and remote assistance for licensed tax attorneys.  Areas of assistance can be as an Enrolled Agent (EA), federally licensed by the US Department of Treasury to represent taxpayers in IRS proceedings, or as a Tax Paralegal, trained in an ABA-approved paralegal certificate program, under the direct supervision of a licensed attorney.  Jeanine can assist with tax research, tax planning, tax preparation/review, taxpayer representation, and tax litigation. 

Jeanine understands the specialized area of tax law with a working knowledge of the US Tax Code, US Tax Regulations, and IRS procedures.  She understands legal terminology, legal research and writing, civil and criminal litigation concepts, and how to work with attorneys.  As a professional educated and experienced in accounting and finance, she can interpret such data and explain it to attorneys. 

My tax litigation support service is focused on assisting you as the tax attorney in charge of your tax client cases with tax compliance expertise needed to thoroughly prepare you for your tax court hearings and trials.  Detailed tax information, technical tax review/preparation, and tax analysis from a tax analyst practitioner viewpoint can be a  valuable resource for your success in defending tax clients.

Jeanine believes that her unique combination of legal and business experience, provides a sound basis of tax assistance resources for tax attorneys.  Additionally, Jeanine is knowledgeable about business law, securities litigation, insurance law (life & health and casualty), so may be of assistance to attorneys in these areas of law and/or litigation as well.  Possible other areas that she can help:  Estate and Trust Planning, Estate and Trust Tax Preparation /Review.

What Jeanine can do for you

   Business Management and Owner Assistance

  • Outsourced CFO Services
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Payroll Services
  • Financial statements
  • Tax Return Preparation/Review
  • Strategic Tax Planning
  • Taxpayer Representation Services
  • Tax Litigation Support Services

Tax Analyst 

  • Tax Research and Writing
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Return Preparation/review
  • Taxpayer Representation
  • Tax Litigation Support Services
  • Payroll Tax Services
  • Human Resources Tax Services
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Financial statements


Tax Litigation 

  • Assistance with pre-trial and trial issues
  • Information, document and exhibit creation and collection
  • Clear explanations of the facts regarding accounting, business, and tax
  • Strategy development, data analysis, witnesses preparation
  • Assessment of damages, losses, earnings, profits, disputes, and business value
  • Rebuttal of opposing expert testimony and cross-examination questions
  • Assistance with settlement negotiations

Take your Law Practice to the Next Level

Jeanine and her network of experienced vendor/contractor tax and accounting professionals are ready to help your law firm achieve the financial success it deserves. For more information about our tax and accounting services for lawyers and law firms, please schedule a 15 minute phone appointment with follow-up pricing estimate at  It's that easy. 

Jeanine looks forward to speaking with you soon and learning about your needs and concerns.  Let us know how we can help with your needs for Tax Analyst and/or Accounting Management services today.

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