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Policies Agreement

Policies and Procedures

Remote Business Solutions, Inc.

Clients must be either full service clients or income tax only clients with two years of services previously or currently engaged with us.  You may attend one of the annual client meeting orientations for your required paperwork completion, tax season updates, and introduction to using the virtual office services, or receive these items in your e-mail for self-competion of your required annual interview. 

Orientation -- All new  clients of Remote Business Solutions, Inc. MUST attend a one-hour orientation and a one-hour private session (electronically or face-to-face) OR request and complete e-mailed:

1) Engagement Letter for Years of Service Desired  

2) Policies and Procedures for Years of Service Desired

3) Income Tax Interview (Organizer) for Years of Service Desisred.

The annual updates to Jeanine's Virtual Office and Income Tax Season Updates are provided during the Information Meetings each year during the last few days of January and through the e-news e-mail subscription services.  

Your appointment(s) may be scheduled in any of the following ways:

1) Book a session on the Appointments tab of  Jeanine will call at designated time and number provided, or provide meeting log-in information to e-mail provided. 

2) Email us at

3)  Call 303-900-7265 or 616-616-430-5231, and leave contact information for return call. 

There is NO charge for the new client orientation process or the annual meeting process.  It's purpose is to inform clients of the policies, procedures, services, pricing, and options available to them.  There is NO charge for the client e-news e-mail service, as this is to encourage efficient communications to all clients and encourage informed consumers of our services at Remote Business Solutions, Inc.

Privacy – we do not share your personal or proprietary information with anyone except:

  1. Required governmental authorities such as Internal Revenue Service, Colorado Department of Revenue, Michigan Department of the Treasury, etc.
  2. Required court subpoenas, state accounting authorities, company defense legal actions – require appropriate legal documentation of our obligation or right to provide requested information to said authorities

Claims and Disputes – handled by arbitration only and/or by our insurance carriers– clients agree to settle outside of expensive litigation system

  1. Alignable handles arbitration proceedings
  2. State Farm Insurance Company and Travelers Insurance Company handle liability claims
  1. Clients insured to extent of payments to us within policy limits (casualty; error; omissions)
  2. Deductibles covered by our company
  3. Clients must submit to us documentation showing proof of monetary losses


Effective 10-23-18 to Present

You and we agree to submit any dispute arising under this agreement, except a dispute alleging criminal violations, to arbitration in accordance with the Uniform Rules for Binding Arbitration of the Business Consumer Alliance (published online at in effect at the time of initiation of arbitration.  A volunteer arbitrator will render a decision based upon fairness, not necessarily upon legal principles, but it will be final and binding on both of us.  Judgment on the decision may be entered in any court having jurisdiction.  You will not have to pay anything for the arbitration. 

This Agreement to Arbitrate affects important legal rights.  Neither of us will be able to go to court for disputes once we agree in advance to arbitrate.  And neither of us will be committed by the term s of this agreement to arbitrate unless this clause is initialed or unless your signature on this contract as a whole immediately follows this clause.

Further information about BCA arbitration may be obtained by calling Business Consumer Alliance in Colton at 1-909-825-0490.

All accepted clients agree to the general policies and procedures of our firm plus those specified in  their engagement letter.  Long-term clients must sign and date engagement letters.  One-time appointments are subject to all of the terms and conditions of our general policies and procedures.

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