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Policies and Protocols


"Tax Season" generally refers to the annual income tax filing season for calendar year taxpayers.  The regular season normally runs from December 15 thrugh May 15 for entities and individuals.  The extendend season generally runs from May 16 through November 15.  If a filing date falls on a weekend or legal holiday, the income tax returns are generally due on the next business day.  Non-calendar taxpayers will have different due dates.

The 2021 income tax season opened  February 4 and ends November 24 for electronic filing of 2020, 2019, and 2018 income tax returns.  Paper-filed returns may be mailed or delivered to IRS offices and state/local offices that accept them any time of the year that they are open.

Past income tax only clients and current full-service accounting clients should have signed and returned 2020 and/or 2021 engagement letters by no later than February 15, 2021.  There are annual private income tax interviews available at 

There are annual one-hour orientations and one-hour private annual interviews available from January 27 through February 15, each year to review tax season updates and individual client financial situations.  As in the past, clients may receive assistance completing the required annual tax review (tax organizer questions) and find out what they still need to upload, or they may complete the answers on their own and upload the completed tax organizer with tax documents.  Expect your process to take up to ten business days from the time that we receive ALL of your require items to the review, signing, and efiling of your income tax returns.

We e-file all tax returns unless taxpayers are ineligible or taxpayers request paper filing set-up.  E-filing should reopen as of January 28, 2020.  Clients may begin tax preparation uploads, faxes, and flash drive drop-offs to Remote Business Solutions, Inc. as of this date.  We recommend that you complete your paperwork for submission to us or get assistance at one of the annual client update meetings, or at a private appointment before or after the client update meetings of choice.  Please schedule your appointments early as we get backed up the later it gets in the income tax season.



Please make sure that if you are needing original 2019 or amended income tax returns for 2017, 2018, and/or 2019 that you have uploaded to your cloud folder, faxed to 303-432-2455, or submitted on a flash drive mailed to 10343 Federal Blvd Unit J, ,Westminster, CO 80260  delivered to me at mailing address   --- ALL of the following:

1) your signed-dated engagement letter(s).

2) your completed tax interview (tax organizer) including foreign assets questions and virtual currency questions included in the interview for convenience. 

3) attached your cash basis profit and loss statement for 01-01-2019 through 12-31-2019, cash basis balance sheet for 01-01-2019, cash basis balance sheet for 12-31-2019, record of dates and amounts of member draws, record of purchases and sales of depreciable asses, copies of sales and purchases receipts of equipment, and any other schedules, forms, and notes for your business or entity income taxes,

4) attached Forms W-2, 1099-Misc, 1098, 1099-Int, 1099-Div, other Form 1099s, Social Security forms, K-1s, and/or any other tax forms, spreadsheets, schedules, and/or notes for your personal income taxes

Please do NOT submit more than two pages of paper documents, or you will need to include a $150 payment to cover the extra time and work of the scanners and other administrative contractors.  There is also now a "rush fee" of $150 assessed for overtime labor costs for those who do not upload or otherwise deliver their needed tax documentation by the first of the month prior to the relevant tax return filing due date.  

Current and past-year clients are ebilled for service fees as soon as pricing options are confirmed and engagement packets are sent for return of the signature page of acceptance.  We are 100% remote now and cannot meet in person due to the pandemic and Jeanine's asthma risks around the pandemic. The corpporate office location will continue to perform administrative functions for our company but we do not see clients there.  Jeanine, Pam, and the other accountants continue to work out of Lafayette and their respective remote sites but you will interact with us virtually.  The workers are in different time zones for support services so Jeanine will remain your point of contact for all interview, preparation, review, signing, and efiling issues as we progress in your services delivery.

You must have your full 2020, 2019, and 2018 services payments paid up in full prior to the review and signing for your year-at-hand income taxes.  Back-due income tax returns typically require additional costs and taxpayers may require representation before the IRS and state/local departments of revenue at additional costs and fees.  Representation by an Enrolled Agent (EA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), or Licensed Tax Attorney (JD, Esq.) is NOT included in the fees that you pay for income tax preparation.  The fees that you pay for income tax preparation includes our due diligence in entering the tax information that you provide to us, calculating the  taxes due and recording the taxes that you have already paid via estimated tax payments and withholdings from your gross payments of income during the tax year(s). 

Our work due diligence for accuracy and completion is insured from errors and omissions.  We do not guarantee your happiness with the taxes that you owe or your tax situation.  You should payyour fair share of taxes due and receive the deductions that you are entitled to under the provisions of the US Tax Code, US Tax Regulations, and relevant state/local tax codes and regulations.  We do not promise you more deductions than other accounting firms because that would be misleading and unethical.  In the slim event that we miss an item in our final review and calculations, you are owed an amended tax return(s) at no extra charge up to the costs of your originally paid for income tax return(s).  We will cover the additional costs of amended returns and any administrative fees for these if we need to compensate you for an issue with our workers or systems, including the filing of any claims to provide such funding.  You however must cover the additional costs of amended return preparations, penalties, and interest if you fail to provide us with all of your tax information or underreport your income on your tax returns.

Your not getting required payments and documents to us in a timely manner, may cause your tax returns filing(s) to be late and additional charges may be required.  Our company including our employees, contractors, and vendors, are not responsible for your late fees, penalties, and interest if you fail to provide what we need to help you in a timely manner.

Telephone calls that are unscheduled normally require you to leave your name, company, and contact information as we are in appointments and completing tax returns for a large volume of clients.   We will call you back at a scheduled time if you make an appointment on the scheduler a call from Jeanine or another accounting if appropriate.  Please note that a 15-minute telephone or teleconference appointment is free of charge but that longer appointments require an extra pre-paid fee.  Consultations will be paid via our ebill system for existing clients and via our paypal system for one-time consulting clients.

Returns ready for review and signature documents signing will be uploaded in the order received in the processor (as usual).  Keep in mind that all items needed for preparation must be uploaded in order for your returns to be prepared, calculated, and in the processor at any given time.

Your Signature Documents file included in your tax  return review and signing upload will contain the following:

1) Engagement Letter for Drake confirming our permission to work on your tax returns;

2) Federal authorization e-file form;

3) State/local authorization e-file form(s);

    a) Some state/local authorities use the federal form as their authorization form for e-filing so you may not need to sign for some states/localities on a separate permission form.

4) Transaction authorization to direct deposit (DD) refund(s).

     a) This covers any federal or state/local refunds that you want us to 

          direct deposit.

     b) Sometimes despite your request a taxing authority will send a check

          to you for security reasons.

Any questions, edits, or additional information that you have for your income tax returns after we upload them for your review, should be e-mailed to me at or BEFORE authorizing e-filing.  I will recalculate your returns and send revised tax returns for final review and NEW REQUIRED signature forms ONLY IF REQUIRED for final approval by you.

Tax returns required to be paper filed, such as amended tax returns or prior year tax returns for unopen tax years, will be delivered within a few days of your filing due date with my preparer sigatures on them.  If you need paper copies of e-filed  tax returns, then I will do my best to have delivery service arranged by a few days after they are e-filed, but printing them from your cloud folder any time will be more convenient for all.  I can still upload your returns with PIN numbers (e-mail returns) or preparer signatures (paper-required filing) to you while you are waiting for the hard copies, which will speed things up for you, and may eliminate paper copies needed in the first place.  Of course the fastest way to review and sign for e-filing tax returns, or to recieve signed copies that must be mailed, is to use the secure file exchange and print or save them for yourself as needed. 

Those without a secure cloud folder, please go to now.  Once I see your application and approve you, then you may upload/download documents through the secure file exchange (just like your normal e-mail only with seven layers of security).  

It is very important that if you see an e-mail indicating uploading or downloading in your cloud folder that you NOT click on any of the links or documents in these messages.  These e-mails are informational only to let you know that you or I are working in your cloud folder.  I will send you a personal e-mail once I am notified that your return review and signature documents have been uploaded.  Please sign/date ONLY the documents in the Signature Documents file.  E-filing taxpayers should NOT sign the copies of the actual tax returns because these have been electronically coded with our PIN numbers.  Return the completed signature documents so that e-filing may immediately commence.  In the slim event that you are required to paper file your income tax returns, then BOTH the taxpayer and spouse, and tax accountant, actual signatures and dates are required.  

Anyone who has not provided required items must pay their remaining 2019 fees, plus there are additinal administrative fees of $150 for extension additional contractor/vendor administrative fees.  Upload requirements for for processing between April 16 and December 15 .  Tax preparation work should be uploaded to us as follows:

Two weeks prior to due dates or review/signing dates. 

We are not responsible for the consequences of late filed income tax (or any tax type) returns if you do not have the required items to us by ten business days prior to the due date of the tax returns.  Please note this information in your engagement letter contracts and in your policies and procedures, both of which must be signed-dated prior to our starting your year-at-hand engagements.  This policy and protocol allows me time to get everything ready for your review and signing by on or before your due date for tax return filings or your due date for regulatory requiremetns for other projects.  Please avoid problems with late submissions to me for tax return preparation or other financial projects:  get your items to me now and allow extra time for your work orders.

We e-file your business, entity, and personal income tax returns unless you are ineligible for e-filing.  We also e-file these types of returns electronically: 940, 941, 943, 944 and 945 for full-service payroll clients and those engaging us to file these returns from your outside payroll systems information provided by you..  Per IRS e-News for Payroll Professionals, Issue Number:  2019-03, May 29, 2019, benefits to filing electronically:

  • Saves time
  • Secure and accurate
  • Get an email confirming the IRS received the form within 24 hours

Check out our webpage that explains how simple it is to e-file payroll and employment taxes. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Remember that no one may be answering the telephone due to scheduled appointments and sensitivity of tax preparation details.  We will try to answer messages by the end of the day or the next morning, but you will get faster responses by scheduling your telephone calls or emailing or texting Jeanine.  Please state in your messages if you are truly experiencing an emergency or urgency situation so that we may prepare to assist you with the quickest response time.  Hopefully we will not get shut down again or have any worker illnesses due to Covid-19, but being prompt and following our instructions should result in your being serviced in a timely manner in the order in which we receive your service requests and required items for tax return preparations and/or other tax compliance services.  Extenders and those with incomplete items for preparation will receive updated information after the filers ready for the due dates are uploaded.  This priority protocol provides the fairest system to everyone, so please be patient, and I will help everyone as soon as possible. 

Remember that although we can quickly apply for extensions to file for those in our system, you are responsible for requesting extensions by on or before the original tax filing dates!  We are not responsible for the late fees, penalties, and interest of any taxpayers who fail to renew services with us or who fail to ask us to efile your extensions for you.  There is now a fee from us to file your extensions, which will cover the costs of keeping our systems and workers available for your services beyond the main filing season.  We do not file extensions for non-clients!  -- sorry, but you will need to become a client to get our help.

Thanks for your business

Sincerely Yours,

The Employees, Contractors, and Vendors

of Remote Business Solutions, Inc.

Jeanine Buben

Jeanine Buben (Buben-Croy), MT, EA, President

Remote Business Solutions, Inc.-- "providing the support you need without having to leave your place of business"

303-900-7265 (offices)     303-432-2455 (faxes)    616-430-  (cell)  / (e-mails) (website)


Jeanine's full-time job at the Lafayette Office will be over until the next income tax season!   "Income tax only clients" who need extended tax returns done for 2020, 2019, and 2018, and back-due filings and taxpayer representation, will be serviced on a limited basis between April 16 and December 15.  Please message Jeanine via email or schedule a telephone conference. 

All services will be remote until the pandemic passes and/or we are assured that a viable vaccine is available and/or specific safety protocols have been implemented at our office and client office locations.  Hours for the Fall of 2021 will remain Tuesdays through Fridays, 11a to 7p, Mountain Time.  Those in the Eastern, Pacific, or Central time zones may schedule earlier appointments by emailing Jeanine at at any time.  Income tax season hours 2021 will be announced in December 2020.  We and I will be servicing all monthly accounting and multi-service clients in co-operatioin with our contractors/vendors on the east coast, pacific coast,  central areas of the USA. 

Business classes will resume remotely pending client interest.  Please note that there are monthly, free-of-charge, classes on how to use the virtual office tools and online accounting tools for new clients or those needing a refresher.  Please sign up at for Introduction to Remote / Online Accounting Services.  

Full-service accounting clients and full-time and part-time project clients will be sought for 2020 engagements with mailers, social media, and face-to-face information sessions.    All of the full-service clients will have income tax preparation and/or payroll tax preparation INCLUDED IN their 2020 service contracts."Income-tax-only clients" will be informed of their options for 2020 services but may be asked to add consulting, classes, or accounting services as part of their 2020 services packages.  Clients will be asked if they can provide references to assist in obtaining work for me. 

The best way of helping to insure that my services are available to you, provided you want to keep working with me, are:

1) to pay your bills promptly 

2) post social media recommendations for me and/or my company

3) be a reference for me for new client job inquiries

4) pay your current bills promptly

    a) direct pay from your bank account is free and the quickest method,

    b) credit/debit card cost $1.50 per transaction but are the second quickest,   

    c) paper checks and money orders cost $5 per transaction and can take up 

        to three weeks to be processed and credited to your services account.

Please consider paying by methods a) or b), making recommendations and/or being on my references list, and adding a service to your 2020 engagement.  Your business is MUCH APPRECIATED.      

Progress billings for 2020 services and 2021 services will resume for all clients, but if you prefer to make a single annual payment, please make arrangements with Jeanine by November 16, 2020.  Anyone who has NOT paid for their final 2019 or 2020 services should do so immediately.  Most of our vendors / contractors have already billed us for the ENTIRE 2020 company fees as of April 1, 2020.  Clients who procrastinate payment of prior year services, especially including income tax preparation, require us to purchase additional liability insurance, extended loan interest fees, and administrative services fees for our contractors / vendors.  As of January 1, 2020, these additional services are billed to the clients that are driving the additional fees.  

Please go to the Tax Center section of the website for details and updates of tax services including tax research and writing, tax planning, tax preparation, tax review, taxpayer representation, and tax litigation assistance under the direct supervision of your tax attorneys. 

Thanks for all.  Be safe and stay healthy.

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