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Click on the "help incon" in the upper right-hand part of your screen while in your software (accounting or payroll) of your QBO software services.  Request either a chat option, call-back option, or you call them option.  Write down the case number and phone number that they give you if calling them.  The case number will take the representative to your software product.  The representative will verify your identity with name, company, e-mail, and sometimes tax id number and QB account number (hit control, alt, question mark to get). 

My humble suggestion is that you call Intuit rather than having them call you.  If you miss their call, then you are back to square one

If you are a full-service RBSI client and need me to be on a call with you, then let me schedule it and call you on the second line.  Then we can all hear what is going on.

Once you are speaking with an Intuit representative, you may have the rep look at your screen to advise you by going to a function and giving the rep your confirmation number.  He/she can see what your issue is and point you to the steps to rectify your need.


You may click on the help icon in the upper right hand corner of your software page.  Select chat, they call you, or you call them.  I recommend that you select to call them so that you get a case number and a phone number.  My experience with them calling us is that if you miss the call, you are back to square one.

I can be on a three way call with you if you are a full-service payroll client of RBSI and QuickBooks.  We can then sort out your issue togehter. 

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