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QuickBooks DeskTop and Fees

Clients may choose to purchase and manage QuickBooks accounting products on their own.  Alternatively, clients may contract to utilize our set-up and management services done remotely through "Go to My PC" or similar service, or to have us do their accounting from our on location software and get PDF reports for the accounting and payroll that we provide.  There are some Intuit pro advisor discounts available from Jeanine depending on what products/services you select.  Jeanine' services include liabilty coverage for up to the amount you pay our firm for services.  Intuit has their own insurance coverage for clients.

Right Networks

Access and Maintain Your Business Apps Securely—Anytime, Anywhere

Protect client data and make your job easier with the cloud

More than 6,000 accounting firms and 50,000 small businesses trust Right Networks to host QuickBooks Desktop and other business-critical applications in the cloud.

We know that data is the lifeblood of your business. It’s your job to protect it, but your employees also need anytime, anywhere access to QuickBooks Desktop.

Run QuickBooks Desktop in the Right Networks cloud:

  • Let somebody else worry about security
  • Keep your key apps updated automatically
  • Enable your employees to work simultaneously no matter when or from where

Check out how you can move QBD to the cloud today with no contract, no long-term commitment and no effort from IT. Contact us now to get started or check us out at

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Pricing varies with which package we are preparing and printing your accounting from.  Also included are system set-up, software licensing, modules selected, merchandise services or not, and labor time required each month.  If you prefer occasional consulting or assistance with your own accounting system, then you may engage us with a consulting contract on an hourly or monthly fee basis.

Pricing is normally cheaper if services are purchased as part of a full services engagement, since Jeanine discounts your total package of selected services.  Please schedule a 15 minute free telephone appointment on the "Appointments" page to discuss your services pricing options and modules options available on each software package.

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