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Register for a Cloud Account

Register for your free secure cloud folder her  please.  You will need to fill out your name, company, and e-mail address on the registration form.  Once we see your application in our alert in box, and approve your use of our system, then you will be able to securely upload and download documents.

Clients are automatically accepted for a secured cloud account.  One of your client benefits is the use of the secure file exchange upon request.

If you are not a client, then please make a 15-minute telephone appointment with Jeanine at to confirm your identity and explain why you are applying for the use of our secure file exchange.  Acceptable reasons to get a secure cloud folder on our system are that you are our vendor or contractor, you are an attorney or accountant that we need to work with, or we requested sensitive information from you.  We reserve the right to refuse or accept your request based on legitimate business purposes.   

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