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Most full-service packages include online or remote accounting, payroll and/or contractors management, and tax compliance.  Tax compliance can include both the tax payments and tax returns for payroll taxes, entity and owner income taxes, sales & use taxes, excise, taxes, property taxes, of any combination needed by the business and business owners.  There are optional consulting options that may be added to full-service engagements, projects, and/or one-time consultations as well.  We do not generally do "income tax only" engagements unless they are part of a contract with another firm that we contract with.

Because the entity/owner needs are customized, please start by scheduling a valuation telephone call to assess your needs and answer your questions.  Please schedue at ($0 charge, 15 minutes) when you are ready.  It may be helpful for you to have your most recent year profit & loss statement, current day balance sheet, and copies of your most recent three years entity and personal income tax returns available for the conversation.  You can upload them on our secure file exchange for our review.  We will ask you some basic information in order to provide you with a follow-up e-mailed engagement proposal with pricing options. 

Most full-service clients are offered a professional advisor discount off of market prices by Jeanine for multiple services utilized in your annual engagement.  Each engagement is tailored to a specific tax year, with current and returning clients offered new contracts a few months prior to a new tax year start time.  New clients may need some of their services and fees prorated if they start working with us during a tax year instead of at the start of the year at hand.

Online Accounting

We partner with Intuit to set-up and service QuickBooks Online accounting software products and some desktop services with remote access for client accountants.  There are some desktop QuickBooks and other vendor options available.

Pricing estimates page includes purchase of software licenses if not already owned by clients, and one-time set-up fee payable to our firm, that includes Intuit fees and those due to our workers.

Optional monthly accounting management services may be contracted for through our firm with Intuit monthly licensing dues if paid through us.  Clients may alternatively hire an Intuit QuickBooks bookkeeper for monthly fees.

Remote accounting with reports uploaded to client encrypted cloud folders may be arranged as an option to online accounting.  We can also complete client desktop accounting via remotely working on client desktops via software such as Go To My PC or similar products purchased by the clients and logins provided to us. 

Payroll and/or Contractors Management

(Online Full Service or Off-Sight Remote or

After-the-Fact Accountant Prepared Options)

We partner with Intuit QuickBooks Full-Service Payroll Department to integrate and run full-service company payrolls and related compliance with any pay day mode selected by our clients.  We can also assist with contractors management through our Accounts Payable Services.  You have the option of purchasing your own payroll license where you pay Intuit each month or having us purchase  a license with monthly renewal and managing your payroll for you.  Fees generally include Intuit QuickBooks monthly charges, monthly administrative charges per worker, estimated employer taxes and employee withholding taxes electronically deposited on or before the due dates, and employer quarterly and annual tax returns prepared and e-filed.  Clients may print their own paycheck stubs for clients and other payroll reports, or request us to upload them to their encrypted cloud accounts.

Clients may choose to have us prepare their payrolls, calculate and/or pay their taxes due, and prepare and/or e-file their employer tax returns by on or before the due dates.  We utilize our own on-sight Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Accounting system.  Clients receive payroll summary reports, pay stubs, and/or tax payment amounts by ordering them in real time from their software or by requesting us to upload them to their encrypted cloud accounts following a payroll or period end.

Clients may request us to run after-the-fact accountant prepared payrolls when we complete their year-end accounting reviews and income tax returns.  This is recommended if you are an S-Corporation or a C-Corporation that did not run your payrolls for the owner-operator and any other employees during the year.  It will determine what back employer and employee taxes are due, what tax returns are due, and any penalties and interest that must be paid for the tax year at hand.  If clients are in this situation, it is better to take care of this by no later than January following the tax year, before the entity income tax return is completed, to limit penalties and interest added to the actual tax liabilities.

Remote Tax Compliance

We can provide tax research, tax planning, tax preparation, tax review, taxpayer representation, and tax court assistance to your tax attorney.  Tax types serviced are employer payroll taxes, entity income taxes, business owner personal income taxes, property taxes, excise taxes, sales & use taxes, and other business taxes.

Pricing is generally based on per package, per forms/schedules, or per hourly basis.  Retainers and final payments are generally specified in service engagements based on customized client needs.

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