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Telephone Calls

There is generally no one to answer the telephone, with the exception of February and March, when the office manager(s) is/are scheduling income tax appointments for callers.  We cannot interrupt scheduled projects or scheduled appointments to answer random calls due to our limited staff and resources.

Please schedule your phone calls at   15 minute phone call         $0 charge

for any of the following:

1) company needs evaluation followed by services engagement offer and pricing;
2) colleague from LinkIn or Alignable networking introduction;
3)  full-service client monthly check-ups.

Monthly clients wanting consultations over 15 minutes may schedule on the Appointments page at and will be billed at the market price less their current annual discount rate.

Client monthly check-ups, 15-minute phone calls, are included in full-service annual engagements.  Clients are expected to schedule their own phone calls each month to go over their financial statement questions and any issues they have with reconciling their bank statements to their QuickBooks registers for each bank account. The 15-minute phone call  calendar populates upon clicking on the link to show the open times that clients may receive phone calls. 

Once you select a time, by clicking on it, complete the request form and follow the prompts, to the final submission and confirmation of your selected telephone call time.

Consulting of more than 15-minutes requires payment, and may be added to monthly client accounts at their current discounted pricing.  Hourly clients will pre-pay the full market pricing shown on the website for the type of consultation selected.

My networking colleagues from Alignable and LinkedIn are welcome to schedule 15-minute phone calls for introductions and to discuss ways we can network together.

These times are not intended to be sales calls unless we have agreed to provide services to each other.  Demonstrations lasting more than 15 minutes will be cut-off upon expiration of the 15 minutes unless vendors/contractors have pre-paid for additional time.  We sell our time and appreciate your paying for consulting time like everyone else who wants to utilize more than our standard 15-minute introductory time slot.

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